Friday, May 22, 2015

Laughing Yoga Frog #1 "Life Will Take You on a Ride"

(Note: I asked student who chose Treasure Hunt Options #1 and #4 to write a 5 Question Short-Essay Quiz on the book and ask me 2 questions)

Prayer of the laughing yoga frog: QUIZ:

Which stone did Alex get and when did he get it? 
  • Believe was the stone Alex got, and he got it before taking his final. 

Where did Dr. Soldani find the frog?

  • She found it at the Cracker Barrel. She was in line at the front and it caught her eye.

How many times did she go back before she got it? What was her craving/excuse for her repeat visits
  • She went back three times to just look at it in passing. Then on her last visit when she thought that she’d lost it forever, she found it and it was 80% off!  Eggs. She wanted their eggs specifically, because it wasn’t the same as home cooked eggs?

Who was Reggie? 
  • Reggie was the villain of the story. He stole Alex’s money, but then the Laughing Yoga Frog saved the day! :D Grudges needn’t be held against him though because it wouldn’t effect his state of mind, just Alex’s. Plus he’ll be dealt with by the courts.

What did you get out of the book?

  •   Life will take you on a ride, and you’ve got to be able to change your state of mind sometimes to get to where it’s intending you to go. Oh, and God makes things happen for a reason.


Questions for the professor:

Do you think anyone recognized you when you kept coming back to the Cracker Barrel that week? Or were you too concerned over the laughing yoga frog to notice? Also, have you been back since?

A:  I refuse to imagine a life without Cracker Barrel but honestly I go to Village Inn so much I usually take selfies with the hostess. 

Do you believe we live in a just world, or just one that’s filled with coincidences? Did your viewpoint change while these events were taking place? 

A: Yes. Also, I believe in magic. 

PS --> I forgot that Alex received a rock, much less which one! Thanks for reminding me.