Friday, May 8, 2015

Advice: How to Conquer American History.

From a Fall 2014 Student
After a year and a half at Tallahassee Community College, I, C. Q, have realized there are a couple rules/steps that are imperative to follow when trying to not drown within the terrors of a college class.
 This is why I have come up with the college guide to make it out of American History alive. The guide includes some insight that every college student should inherit when trying to pass American History. Examples such as, how to make it through each class with all the information you need, how to properly study and take exams, and lastly, how to balance school/ and college life are all included. My guide to success pertains to the everyday college student and their struggles. So now I share my premise of the college guide to make it out of American History alive. (the “Do’s” and “Don’t” of a student’s journey through college)
 As you travel to class for the first day of school there are a couple of things that need to be done in order to kick off the year correctly! Things such as, how to take structured notes, not distracting yourself phone during class with unimportant objects (cell phone, other class assignments, computer), and the pledge to make it to class everyday prepared and ready to learn need to be on the top of your list when planning out how to conquer American History. 
The two greatest things to follow in class when trying to succeed are, firstly, coming to class every day, and taking concise on-point notes. If you never make it to class you fall susceptible to repercussion such as, having points deducted from your grade, the possibility of being withdrawn, and the loss of involvement in the class. Bad attendance and low-grade averages are proportional to each other. By not doing one part the other is extremely affected. 
These concepts to remember within the classroom will more than likely keep students more involved with what’s going on within the class and lectures. This is critical to American History; it is filled with loads of information that can only be remembered by taking good notes and keeping yourself attentive. Anyone can come to class it is just the way you use your time when your there.
Once you feel as if you have figured out the basics of making it though each class period and the concepts to obtain the information, then you need to start checking learning the internet feature of class known as, Blackboard. Blackboard is the online site where Professors can post grades, assignments, and announcements pertaining to the specific class. 
Firstly, I suggest making TCC Blackboard your home screen of your Internet Brower; this is a suitable idea to help remind you to check it every day. Within American History students are asked to constantly check Blackboard due to new assignments being given out and grades being updated. It is of your best interest to get familiar with this website. Being updated with Blackboard on a daily basis will compliment your attentiveness and understanding of each class period. In other words, when you’ll never feel lost within the class, this can happen easily.
It is okay to admit college life is filled with countless distractions that can take you away from the real reason your in Tallahassee. The parties, food everywhere, and all of your friends in one place, college is a serious test for any and every person. The time has come for you high school seniors to finally begin to grow and mature as individuals. 6It is said in the movie, Spiderman, “with great power comes great responsibility” this can easily relate to the newfound freedoms and responsibilities of college life. For example, you wake up on a Sunday morning some of your friends are heading out to a pool party at the Woodlands on Tennessee St. Your friends convince you to go with them instead of studying for an assignment coming up that next Monday. This is quite possibly the biggest problem in most college students careers. The balance of school and work can be extremely difficult task to balance.
 The truth of the matter is school always comes first. In this day and age a college education is more or less mandatory. Some students might be reading this and have the conception that my guide will lead you to long nights of sitting under a desk light all cracked out on Adderall cramming your brain full of History. 
While I do admit that sounds quite enjoyable the truth of the matter is, both work and play can be accomplished without the alienation of one. Students just need to come to the realization that if you study tough and hard once you wont need to go over it again then the party is allowed to begin. (It can all happen before the 10:00 pregame to the strip on a Friday night if you even wanted).
So in conclusion, it is said within my guide that if you follow its guidelines you will have no trouble with passing American History. As you finish this and head back into the world don’t forget the knowledge you have just read and maybe sometime you can try it out yourself, maybe it might work. Just remember school should always come before play. In the end, if you are to follow these guidelines and maintain a balance between school and college life then you will notice the benefits it will have on your life in every other aspect other than school. It is known as what we call a, Chain Reaction.