Sunday, April 5, 2015

Service Project Option 1: North Florida Homeless Veterans Stand Down

As discussed in class, we are choosing to direct our efforts to help the larger community of Veterans at the North Florida Homeless Veterans Stand Down April 24-26 at the Fairgrounds.
Students may choose to serve by creating Victory Bags or by volunteering for a shift at the event. 

 If you choose to serve at the actual event, please discuss this with me and plan on attending an open meeting hosted by TCC Student Veterans at 3pm on Wednesday April 8 (more info coming Monday). 
If you are in my 12:20 MWF class you know who to talk to about this event and why it is so important.
If you can't make the meeting,  let me know and I will connect you with the right people.

The rest of the information below is for students choosing to make a Victory Bag for a Veteran.

Due: April 16 by 2pm. Please bring them to class or to my office hours.
Make sure to follow all the directions, including taking/printing pictures*

1)   All the supplies must be delivered in a duffel bag, gym bag, backpack, overnight bag (something dignified and useful, are you getting my drift?) or a reusable plastic storage container.
A student in class asked if she could just hand me the stuff in a bag, and the answer is yes, if you want to just donate but not make a complete Victory Bag, please feel free to give how you are called to give. However, students who wish to complete this service project for credit must complete every step.

2)   Include clothes and toiletries and comfort items for the gender and size you sign up for and add the tag outside. Also, make sure to include a letter/card from you.
·      What to pack:
o   Shoes/Slippers/Socks
o   Pants/ shorts / shirts
o   Underwear (new, please) (undies for both the top and bottom please)
o   Other: sunglasses - reading glasses
o   Large towel
o   Toiletries kit
o    Cards, board game, magazine, books, DVDs music
o   Card/letter from you  full of gratitude and encouragement. 

·      And then?
o   Take a picture of the contents of the bag.  
o   Take a picture of the card/letter before you pack it.
o   Print these out and bring them to me on April 15 or April 16 in class.

·      Tag it.
o   Yellow: Women’s Small
o   Red: Women’s Medium
o   Pink: Women’s Large
o   Orange: Women’s Plus
o   Grey: Men’s Medium
o   Black: Men’s Large
o   White: Men’s X-Large

Question: How many bags can I make?
Answer: Students can make as many bags as they want, however the most you can earn is $50 (or, for the webclass, 50 points) for this project.

Question: But I did Part 4 of the Treasure Hunt!
Answer: OK, fine. You can do two, then.

Question: Can we put other things we want to in there?
Answer: Yes, I trust you to follow your inspiration when it comes.  I'm sure all the bags will be different shades of awesomeness.