Sunday, April 12, 2015

Book #129: Netflix

If I hadn't have joined the world of Netflix in January, I'm pretty sure I would've finished 50 more books, waxed the floors, published at least two books and found a cheap and easy cure for cancer.

Instead, I fell into a glorious hole of binge watching, bouyed by the joy of commercial-free shows.

So what I'm saying here is that I want credit for having watched every single episode of every single season of the following shows in the past 3 months:

  • Orange is the New Black. I loved it. It's smart and funny and violent and shows the range of female humanity. I thought it would be dirtier, and I'm glad it wasn't. The characters are real, their stories are important, and the writing is top notch. Loved the ending of Season 2 and can't wait to watch Season 3.

  • House of Cards. I tried to watch it and turned it off after the first 30 seconds and watched 3 full seasons of Dexter (for extra credit, I guess) and came back to House of Cards because so many people told me I'd love it. They were right. I watched all of Season 1 just in time for Season 2. It was smart, sharp, sexy, tasty and -- spoiler alert -- ends with a tip of the hat (or, rather, crash of a white van...) to Orange is the New Black. Awesome.

  • Arrested Development. This series came out at a time that I had two small children and was working full time while teaching college at night. If I did watch TV, I don't remember it.  I loved it. Set in the early days of the Iraq War, the series touches on everything from army recruitment to money laundering, and from incest to Ron Howard's secret bullying tendencies.  The last season wasn't as tasty as the first ones, but I feel quite ironically accomplished having watched this entire series.