Thursday, March 5, 2015

How I Became a Home Schooling PE Coach History Professor

This week Zack officially entered virtual school. Yes, I'm homeschooling him, but honestly my idea of a lesson plan is "Lets Watch Star Wars and You Make the Popcorn and Take the Dog Out" so probably I should rely on experts.

Enter virtual school.

I had no problem finding Florida's virtual school system and enrolling it, unless you count the crucial step where parents hit "enter" and "verify" because I messed that up and ended up not enrolling Zack. So I called the Very Nice People there and they helped me quickly. I swear to you the people at virtual school HQ (wherever they may be) seem trained by Disney, asking questions that stop a centimeter short of "how can we make your schoolday magical?"

OK, fine. Zack is ready to start doing his work but then the system holds us up and makes us both go through experiential orientations. I loved it. As a parent I might skim paperwork, but these online classes interrupted my reading and measured my comprehension before letting me move on.

Delicious.  I now KNOW that I KNOW how to submit attendance, how to navigate the connexus system, and what to expect from Zack's homeroom teacher. I've been schooled on how to school and I love it.

Zack finishes his orientation first, of course, because he has Very Important things to do online, like stealing jets and mayhem.

So this morning I log in to check Zack's work, ready to get him rolling.

I have two hours before going to campus for meetings all day, and I'm ready to give him my undivided attention.

I'm ready to teach writing, reading, history, math, whatever I'm called to do. 

 I found this:
Yes, that's right.

One of his subjects is PE. 

Let the downward dog real fun begin.