Sunday, March 29, 2015

Book #120: Fearless

Most of the books for this 100-ish book project have come from my college students. 

This book arrived in the mail, assigned to me by a sorority sister from Loyola University who was following my 100-ish book marathon online.
A purple sticky note attached to the front page in very very familiar handwriting requested that I didn't peek at the book or google it until March 17.

 I generally do as I'm told, unless you ask me via email in which case I might say yes and forget and you have to forgive me because because that's why.

So I didn't read the book.

Instead I read 5 other books, put in long days at work and waited until March 17 to open this book. 

Oh. Oh no. This book begins with the ending. It's a circle. Adam Brown is going to die on March 17, but before that, Adam LIVES. He is bold, and fearless and a leader among his peers for his compassion and bravery.

After several military-related books I had to admit I was a little burned out when I opened this book, but right away it was different. 

It was tender. It was intimate and honest. 

Adam faced challenges. Adam faced addiction and homelessness. 

Adam found God.  Adam found Love.

I refuse to summarize this book for you -- but I did take copious notes in case you want to discuss it. 

Be forewarned.  At the end of the book (the chronicle of a death foretold) I was crying so hard I couldn't breathe. 

I put the book down and got ready to write.

Then I read the next pages and my heart was shattered into a million pieces.

 The author's journey on this book to capture Adam Brown's story ultimately becomes the story also of Adam's teammates who would perish in the worst loss of life in Navel Special Warfare History. 

I am thankful for this book, and equally exhausted from grief. I will definitely recommend this book to my friends and students. 

  And for the record, here are the notes I made while reading this book.