Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Book #113: Stop Keeping Secrets!!!

Snow Falling on Cedars by David Guterson

This is NOT the book I was expecting. 

 I had it in my head that this book would be set in Sweden and there would be strange names and barren landscapes and perhaps some observant owls foreshadowing something elusive and sparse. 

I literally braced myself on the sofa, crossed my ankles and set an alarm to go off in two hours, as if I could go TWO HOURS without checking the time, the weather, and what my college friends are eating for lunch today.

This is NOT the book I was expecting, and ten pages into the story I want to toss the book down and post "WHY didn't anyone assign this to me sooooner?" but it's SO good I turn my phone on airplane mode and keep reading, turning pages faster and faster.

Then I turn airplane mode off (because what if my MOM needs me? hmmmm?) and google the title.

This book was published in 1994. 

1994 people. That's 20 years that NO ONE has told me about this book.

And then I kept clicking around and guess what? There's a MOVIE.

No one told me about that either.

 Stop keeping secrets!

 If I'd known about this book, I would have included pieces in lecture and recommended it to students. If I'd known about this book, I would have sent it to my mother.

 If I'd known about this book, I would have talked about it because it's THAT good.
That important. 

Snow Falling on Cedars history, mystery, context  and pace put it in the same league as To Kill a Mockingbird.