Sunday, March 1, 2015

Book #110: The Other Fork is for Fork

My kids love to tell a story about something that went down at Outback Steakhouse  2 summers ago.

The three of us were seated and looking around and Zack unrolls his napkin and pulls out a knife and two forks.

Zoe does the same, then they chatter at each other while I completely tune them out and notice something new on the menu.

One of them asks me, "Mom, why are there two forks?"

I continue to stare at the menu, trying to decide if I would really order this new thing or my old thing and I half answered, "One fork is for eating, and the other fork is for fork."

The kids met my answer with silence then burst out laughing and chattering with each other.

The fork is for fork? What the fork? Fork this. Fork you. Forkety fork fork.

 I put the menu and shook off my distraction, giggling with the kids so happily that it  probably annoyed a few people who were having serious conversations over big chunks of meat.

Of course I didn't mean what I said, and in fact I was so distant I didn't even hear what I said, and from that I take the reminder to practice  (and practice and practice) staying present. And using the correct fork for forking. But that's another issue. Back to book #110

The book Still Alice by Lisa Genova walks the reader through the experience having early onset Alzheimer's Disease.

Alice, a Harvard professor (how. posh.) finds herself lost and bewildered and stuck for words often enough that she turns herself in to her doctor who diagnoses her and sends her for genetic testing.

Oh no! Her disease is genetic. Should her kids get tested? What if her daughter is already pregnant?

This book is really stressful and I have to admit I put it down and watched the entire third season of House of Cards (amazing) plus the movie The Duff (loved it!) before picking the book up and finishing it.  I would definitely recommend this book to begin and honest conversation on the issues many of us will have to face as we age.  But please, watch House of Cards first. All three seasons.