Sunday, February 8, 2015

Q & A from Marvin's Book that I can't Answer

I asked my students who chose to read Marvin's Book and/or Prayer of the Laughing Yoga Frog to write and answer 5 questions from the book, then ask me two questions. While compiling all the questions I need to answer, I came across these and I'm stumped. I haven't read Marvin's Book since it published, and I'm embarrassed to not know any of these answers:

  • Why did Africa mother leave her and how long was the thing with her step father going on?
  • What happen in  the house when the police came knocking at the  door look in for who in what had happen that led up to the coming there ?
  • What is the name of the three dudes who Africa in here cousin hung around when they were at fires house?
  • How many times did Africa leave in come back to rock and why did he keep taking her back?
  • How much money was took from kitty out of her bank account in how did they steal it in get it from the bank without here in who did they call did help?