Monday, February 9, 2015

Laughing Yoga Frog Q&A: Is this Book Related to Marvin's Book?

To what store did the professor first encounter the frog? How many times did she return to look
Option 1: Part 1
at it? The professor visited Cracker Barrel three times before actually purchasing the Frog. Iguess 50% off just wasn’t enough.2. What was the name of the person who helped Alex around campus? What was the name theprofessor called him by? The helper’s name was Eric or something like that. The professor called him Reggiethough.3. What terrible thing happened to Alex? At the end of the semester, Alex’s mom checked his account to look at his balance andnoticed that his account was oddly low. When viewing the purchases, they were madeon Tuesdays and Thursdays. Sadly, Reggie, wasn’t a very nice helper and he wasn’tprotecting Alex.4. Why was the laughing frog so important to the professor and what moment was she waitingfor? The laughing yoga frog was love at first sight with the professor. She had brought it toclass to take pictures with the students and their lucky frog. When she introduced toAlex, he fell in love with it and it brought him much laughter. Later he told her, he had adream that the frog lived with him. So, she gave it to him. She saw the joy it brought himand knew that’s why she had gotten the frog.5. When the professor introduced the frog to the class, what purpose of the frog did she give toher class?It was a “reminder that what is intended for you will be something joyful, something youwill find and will find you.”
Questions for you!
1. Did Alex go on to Florida State and get his bachelor’s degree in theater? Not yet*2. Randomly in the middle of the book, you stated that a student had passed away. Is that inconnection to Marvin’s Book at all? YES! The reason I started taking pictures in Fall 2010 was because Aaron was in my class in Spring 2010. I hate to admit it but I forgot the connection between the two books, and I'm glad you reminded me.