Monday, February 9, 2015

Laughing Yoga Frog Q&A: How many frogs are you up to now?

  1. Why did the Professor not want to become the someone with the yard full of frogs?
A: She is secretly a frog hoarder and she did not want her secret to get out. The obsessive draw to visit the laughing frog over and over again using the excuse of being hungry ultimately led to her giving in and bringing it home.  The fact that she got it for 80% off was just a bonus.  She mentally bought it when she first saw it.

  1. What was the significance of the pat on the head and rubbing the frog’s belly?
A: She had found her own green Laughing Buddha and maybe this would bring her some luck and good fortune.  She even felt that maybe the frog was meant to teach her something.  So, “When the student is ready the teacher appears.”
  1. What was the Professor trying to tell the students with the story of the healing of the frog’s tail?
A: That even though they may not realize it now but when their college experience is done they will not be the same as when they started.  That she hopes that the effort and education has help them to see more than they could when they first started and they continue on to do great things.
  1. What lessons can be learned from the incident between Alex and Reggie/Eric?
A: Be careful whom you trust.  When money is involved close friends and even family can act in ways that can be unethical and disappointing. If someone is needed to help you or someone you love with daily living and they will also be handling money, document everything, take nothing at face value, and keep records of who the person is including a picture of the.  Not everyone has a goofy Professor taking pictures of everyone.
  1. How did the Professor know it was time for the frog to move on and be with Alex?
A: Even as she was trying to find ways to keep the frog she was already getting it ready to leave with Alex. The bag that had been there waiting to be used, the fact that it fit perfectly on the back of his chair, and then how happy they looked together going down the hallway. Alex told her that he dreamt that the frog wanted to go with him so now maybe it was his turn to learn something.  “When the student is ready the teacher appears,” it was time for the laughing frog to move on.

  1. How many frogs are you up to now?: Enough. My Mom has given me five in the past month. She loves me.
  2. How is Alex and the frog doing? I'll pass your question on to him!