Saturday, February 14, 2015

Book #105: Cracked Up to Be

The student who assigned me this book refused to lend me hers because she said it's too precious.

She ordered me my own copy then made sure I'd give it back so she could pass it on. It sounded ridiculously tempting so I moved it up on my book list in front of the much thicker "Gone Girl" I'm still waiting to read.

The book opens in chaos.

 The main character is angry, lost former cheerleader dealing with issues at home and at school. She has a bitchy sharp tongue and at first I didn't love her, so  I didn't understand her, and I couldn't really get into this book.

Then I saw what was happening. Or rather, I felt it, like I was riding through a roller coaster.

The author started the story at ground zero then teased the readers back a little then a little more. Something happened. Something horrible. Was it this? That? I didn't know the book was a mystery until the moment it exploded at me.

 Excellent. I've already passed the book to my daughter and I definitely proclaim it as good as Pretty Little Liars.

Next up: Gone Girl. Or have I mentioned that already?