Monday, January 26, 2015

Laughing Yoga Frog 9: "What exactly did Reggie do to Alex and why did his mother need the picture?"

Questions to you:

 Why didn’t you buy the frog the first time you seen it? Was it expensive? I'm just not the kind of lady that buys a frog the first time she sees him, even if she can afford him. 

2)   Was the frog a coqui? I don't think so.  But he keeps secret. We can ask Alex.

Questions from the book:
      1)   Why did you take pictures with your students?
            -You took pictures with your students because a student died and you want memories with your current students. You took pictures with each student after they turned in their test.
      2)   Why did you call the frog a “Laughing Yoga frog”?
            -You called the frog a “Laughing Yoga Frog” because the way it was posing. It stood strong like a tree and it was in a basic yoga position, and it seemed to have a laughing smile on its face.
      3)   What was the name and meaning of the frog that your children gave to you for Christmas?
            -The name of the frog was Bugger the Lucky Frog. Bugger is a slang word used to refer to anal intercourse’ a curse word to express dissatisfaction.
      4)   What did Alex dream about?
            -He dreamed that the frog wanted to live with him. You hesitated about giving him the frog but ended up giving it to him in a paper bag that hung from the back of his wheel chair.
      5)   What exactly did Reggie do to Alex and why did his mother need the picture?
            - The book didn’t exactly say but he did something very illegal. He probably took money from Alex’s bank account and Alex’s mother needed the picture that her son took in class with the professor and Reggie as proof to show to the police.