Monday, January 26, 2015

Laughing Yoga Frog 7: Is this a True Story?

1)    What restaurant did the professor keep visiting and why?
a.     The professor kept visiting Cracker Barrel because she enjoyed the eggs, and she was obsessed with the praying yoga frog. She would come back to see if her obsession went away, also to see if it would go on sale.
2)    How did the professor’s pictures with the frog come in handy?
a.     The police were able to get a recent picture of the suspect that drained the student Alex’s bank account. It seemed like they were out of options sense he went by a different name.
3)    What frog did the professor’s children get her for Christmas? Did she like it?
a.     It was a frog named Bugger that looked bug like, silver, and space aged. She didn’t like it because it was, cold and tough looking. It also was intimidating.
4)    Why does the professor like frogs?
a.     She likes them because they start out one way and go through a transformation period. When they finish transforming they become something that’s stronger and are able to move forward in life.
5)    Does the professor give Alex the frog? Why? Yes she does because she sees the importance of allowing things become gifts instead of eventually becoming a loss.

 For Dr. Soldani:

Is this a true story? Yes. Crazy as the story is, it would be crazier to just make it up, right???? 

How long did it take you to write this book? Less time than it would have taken to go Christmas shopping.