Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Laughing Yoga Frog 14: She says it's like her own Pulitzer Prize

Question 1: What is the Laughing Yoga Frog?
A state of a frog with its head up in the air laughing while in a tree pose that was for sale at the Cracker Barrel.

Question 2: Who is Alex and what does he receive at the end of the book?
Alex is a student at Tallahassee Community College who plans to major in History and Theatre at FSU. At the end of the book, he is given the Laughing Yoga Frog to take wherever his future leads him.

Question 3: How many times did Dr. Soldani visit Cracker Barrel before she bought the Yoga Frog?
Three times. The first time she looked at the frog and proclaimed how much she loved it, but left the store anyways. The second time she found the frog again in the same place it was before, and at a thirty percent discount. When she went to Cracker Barrel for the third time, she saw the frog was gone from it's usual place and put on clearance at eighty percent off, and that was when she bought it.

Question 4: What did Dr. Soldani talk about before passing out the final exams, and what did she give the students after their final exam?
Before the final exam began, she would give a speech about how she found the Yoga Frog at Cracker Barrel. She says it's like her own Pulitzer Prize, and at first the students are confused, but then she explains that this frog waited for her as if it was intended by the universe. After each student finished their final they were given a stone and took a picture with Laughing Yoga Frog.

Question 5: What is the other frog that is given to Dr. Soldani, that is not the Laughing Yoga Frog?
A frog statue that is almost of the opposite of the Yoga Frog. This frog, nicknamed Bugger, was cold ,intimidating, and did not make her laugh.

Questions for you

Question 1: How did these events inspire you to write a book? What made you want to share these chapters of your life with others? -- I love love love telling stories, especially happy stories!

Question 2: How would things have been like if you didn't buy the frog? Do you think that significant moments in your life were shaped after buying it that would not have occurred otherwise? Oh, I would have found something else. I have a gorilla in my office who talks. When you squeeze a button he says GREAT IDEA! and if you squeeze it again he says BRILLIANT and FABULOUS THINKING.  Maybe the book would have been about a very encouraging gorilla instead of a yoga frog!