Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Laughing Yoga Frog 13: Professor Soldani did you and Alex really have a book signing?

(1)Alex asked Dr. Soldani since he had been added as an author if they could do something after the book was complete, what was it that he asked her if they could do together?
Answer- Alex asked Dr. Soldani if they could have a book signing at the school.

(2)Where is the yoga from currently located and why?
Answer- The yoga from should be in Alex’s possession, because Alex asked Dr. Soldani if he could have it and she said yes, despite some hesitation.

(3) How did Dr. Soldani describe the vehicle that Alex was dropped on in and how did Alex get around? She described Alex as being dropped off from a limousine and he used an electric wheelchair.

(4) After Dr. Soldani bought the yoga frog where did she keep it located most of the time and when was the only time she took it out, and also when she took it out what did she give the students to take home with them?
Answer-She kept the frog on the shelf in her office, the only time she took it out of the office was on final exam day to take photos with the students and the frog. After she took a photo with the students she gave them a lucky stone.

(5) What were two bad incidents which happened during the book?
Alex was robbed by someone who he considered a friend and caretaker, and one of Dr. Soldani’s students passed away.

Question (1) Professor Soldani did you and Alex really have a book signing?: Yes! He has a stamp with a signature he designed. The only way to get a hard copy of the book is to buy it from Alex ;-)

Question (2)

Dr. Soldani have you been searching for a replacement yoga frog? : Nope. My life is full.