Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Laughing Yoga Frog 12: The yoga pose and laughing brings out a care free energy

Why did you start taking pictures and giving out your lucky rocks?: Marvin, from Marvin's Book

What inspired you to write this book? I'm a compulsive writer. If wasn't writing about this, who knows what I would've been up to!!
1.     What was the book about?
The beginning of the book is mainly about your love for the laughing yoga frog and how you constantly thought about it. Then you finally decided to buy it after you thought you would never see it again and realized that you really wanted it. Then throughout the book you talk about the frog and the journey you bring it on with your family and students.

2.     Why did you like the frog so much?
I’m not completely sure but from what I read I think it is because it symbolizes happiness.  The yoga pose and laughing brings out a care free energy. It’s a random object but those are the kind that doesn’t require much thought just the simplicity of it makes you happy.

3.     Who is Alex?
Alex was one of your students. Something happened in the story between him and his helper Reggie and at first he didn’t want to talk about the incident but later in the story he wanted to share it with others however you decided not to write about it because you didn’t want it to consume his life instead you wanted him to be better than that and write something that represented the real him.

4.     What did you get for Christmas?
Your kids got you a frog because they knew how much you loved the laughing yoga frog. However you didn’t like it because it looked tough and cold and hard and intimidating. No matter how hard you tried to find the good in it you couldn’t and wrapped the frog back up.

5.     What do you do after an Exam?
For the Exam you bring along your laughing yoga frog and your pile of lucky rocks. Once the student is done with the exam they turn it in and you take a picture with them. Then you give them one of your lucky rocks that has a word engraved in it.