Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Laughing Yoga Frog 11: What did the Laughing Yoga Frog teach the Professor?

Two Questions For Professor:

1.     Is the Laughing Yoga Frog still very important to you today?: Not in the same way. Which is totally OK with me and the frog and Alex.

2.     Do you still have a close relationship with the student Alex from the book? I try! He is in and out of the hospital but I plan to talk to him this week. 

1.     What is the overall story of the the book Prayer of the Laughing Yoga Frog?
Answer: The overall story of the book would be the connection the professor had with a statue of a frog. Which leads to having the professor invest time into understanding the relationship between herself and the frog. The connection I understood was the professor helped the yoga frog answer his prayers.

2.  Who was the character Reggie in the book?

            Answer: The character Reggie was a guy that was supposedly  helping a disabled student by the name of Alex around campus which his school needs and personal needs. But in the book it leads to Reggie being a thief and a complete lie that ended with the police involved.

3.  Where was the Laughing Yoga Frog purchased and when?

            Answer: The professor purchased the Laughing Yoga Frog from Cracker Barrel. She bought the frog when she went on a lunch date with a friend and finally retrieved the frog from the restaurant gift shop.

4.  When and why did the Professor show her students her Laughing Yoga Frog?

            Answer: She showed her students the frog during their final exam in her class. The reason she did was to end the semester off with one last piece advice or knowledge.

5. What  did the Laughing Yoga Frog teach the Professor?

            Answer: The professor shares that what she gains from the frog is that if the universe has something in store for you then eventually you will have it. She explains that through expressing how that very thing happen between her and the frog and how it was something worth finding and vice versa.