Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Laughing Yoga Frog 10: The Quiz with No Questions for Me. Sad Face.

This particular story is between who?
Ans. The story is about a professor and her magical Yoga Frog. One day she was looking at the Frogs in the gift shop, there were three frogs but one of them was special. He had this great balance and smiley face. The professor like him and he was in her mind for weeks.

What are the things that God created the professor for?
Ans. He created her to take delight in cooking and kitchen things. Other great things in this particular professor is that she decided to place herself between happy people that made her get in love with stories, reading, generosity and especially Cuba.

Who did the professor talked to about the Frog?
Ans. The professor talked about the Frog to her daughter, students, friends and even her mother. That’s was really, she shared with others what she saw and felt about this particular frog. I believe it would an interesting to listen to the professor and talk about the Yoga Frog.

After weeks of thinking, did the professor found the Yoga Frog in the gift shop?
Ans. After thinking a lot and trying to hold her balance, she finally decided to go and see the Frog. When the professor got there, she didn’t found him in the place like usual. After while, she asked the cashier and told her that one only got one left in the back. The professor ran and hoping it’s the frog and it was him “Yoga Frog”.  

Did the professor ever took the Frog to her office?
Ans. Ofcurse, in this way he doesn’t get bored and get to see new people. In the way to the College, the professor had fasten the seatbelt on the frog which sounds funny to me. There was a a lot students that used to come her office just to see the Frog and one of was special student that died. I wish God to take care of him and be in heaven.