Thursday, January 8, 2015

How to Flunk with Funk

From AMH 2020 student Fall 2014

Taking this class is just like taking any other class; if you want to flunk with funk, make sure that you put forth no effort whatsoever. To begin with, don’t ever study. Studying is seriously a bad idea when taking this class. Opening a book is definitely not something you want to do if you don’t take this class seriously.

 I’m not saying that flunking this class is easy, but if I were to sit back and do nothing in regards to learning the information that is going to be on the test, I’d fail it.

 Let’s not forget texting while in class. If your friend texts you, make sure you respond as quickly as possible. Don’t pay attention to the professor because that’s only going to get you an A.

 If you are looking to flunk with funk, make sure you text in class. Texting in class is not only distracting for you, but somewhat distracting for other students if you don’t have a smart phone. So anyone with those Nokia bricks, make sure to click away! 

Asking questions if for the people who want to pass; if you want to flunk with funk, put your head down on the desk and take a nap.

 Partying late has never been easier with this class. Think of it as your own personal bedroom with a classroom full of students trying to learn.