Monday, January 26, 2015


It is the first day of the first week that Zack is officially being homeschooled and I've already filled his brain with the French Revolution, Haitian Revolution, War of 1812 and Battle of New Orleans.

He and I are walking along quietly and I point at two planes flying so close together they look like one big plane. Before he can spot them, they are gone.

He shakes his head at me, like I'm crazy.I can't stop looking at the sky, searching for the two planes. They were JUST there and poof where did they GO? This must be how dogs feel when balls disappear under the sofa and squirrels dash into trees. I must find the planes, must, must, find the planes.

Planes don't just disappear, I tell him.

No, Mom, they don't. I'm sure they just  turned on their mirror mode so they became invisible.

Really? Planes have mirror mode? That's a thing? I ask him, quite satisfied with this answer. Of course mirror mode would make the airplanes disappear into the cloudless blue sky. Of. Course.

Yes, Mom, look it up, he says with such certainty that I almost want to believe him.