Wednesday, January 14, 2015

.....Got a long list of ex-students, they'll tell you I'm insane

Subtitle: FAQ#1 for the Treasure Hunt

No joke, this semester I have two groups of students.

(Three, if you count the lost students, but I don't because group three looks empty. Now.)

Group one is following the treasure hunt quietly and happily, following option 1, 2, 3, and/or option 4 which may or may  not exist.

Maybe this group knows more of my ex-students.
If you know my ex-students and show them this treasure hunt 1) they will be jealous because I just invented this and 2) they'll say just do it, and trust her to take you somewhere.

Group two is emailing me (each, individually) to tell me they are lost.

They are saying, OK, I did it NOW WHAT.

I email them (each, individually) back to let them know I'm not trying to trick them.

My emails look something like " Just take step one, then wait,  Trust me. Nice to meet you! Hope you have a great semester"

Any more questions? @melissalaughing