Thursday, January 8, 2015

Dear Next Semester’s students coming to face the “wrath of Dr. Soldani”

From a student who took AMH 2020 in Fall 2014.

Next Semester’s students coming to face the “wrath of Dr. Soldani” be very aware that this class is not for the weak hearted.

 Just know that you need to bring a pen or pencil with a piece of writing material everyday so that you can take notes while listening to the enthusiastic lecture.

 I warn you, please “take notes.” These notes are essential for every exam in this class. And for those who love to stray into class as they please… “You know who you are.” I assure you, do not think that you can get away with such behavior in Dr. Soldani’s class. Well, actually you are grown adults, you can do as you please. But I tell you what, it is not going to help your cause in her class.

 She gives a solid effort to give everyone her vast knowledge of history, so be respectful and get your butts in to the appropriate seat (the first seat in the front row, right on the corner, in front of Dr. Soldani’s desk) and listen, or else it will cost you “twenty doll hairs.”

 I suggest you come to class, listen, work hard, and I bet 100% you will leave this class having earn an A. So, good luck and enjoy the class!

 Oh by the way, she will absolutely judge your appearance, so leave the ugly sweaters at home.