Thursday, January 8, 2015

Advice from a former student who might have spelled my name wrong.

“5 steps to an A in this class.” Dr. Solandi is an amazing history teacher that changed the boring lecture notes into a story of history with an endless amount of humor. To do well in her class you just have to smile and go to every class everyday. If you go to class you need to use the time you have in there to take notes, pretty much write everything that she says in lecture. She will curse and make you laugh, trust me. Also, to get an A in this class pay attention to the pictures she shows in lectures, they always mean something important if she is teaching them to you. Dr. Solandi is really helpful if you actually try in her class, don’t miss her class and take amazing notes. I would definitely suggest taking this class to someone, especially if they are interested in history and have a good sense of humor.