Thursday, January 8, 2015

5 Steps to Earning an A "...try to be an overachiever vs. just meeting goal expectations"

There are five steps you should follow in order to get an “A” in AMH2020.

 The first step you should follow very closely.  It’s plain and simple. Step 1 is GO TO CLASS AND DON’T BE LATE!  It is important to go to class so you don’t miss any information, not to mention miss out on the funny jokes that she incorporates in her lectures.  It should also be mentioned students get money when you attend class, on time, and when you are successfully complete what was assigned, so be there or be square and broke.

 Step 2 is PAY ATTENTION!  You have to pay attention because cheating on test is Unacceptable!  Students take a high risk of failing and possibly being expelled when cheating and more than likely someone will rat you out.  It will cause many students to become angry and jealous because it’s not fair to someone who actually studied. (Especially when the cheater gets the better grade)

 Step 3 is COMPLETE ALL ASSIGNMENTS including the extra credit.  The extra credit assignments actually pay off at the end of the semester and are very insightful.

 Ready for step 4……DO NOT TEXT; DO NOT USE ANY ELECTRONIC DEVICES!  This step is very disrespectful to the instructor/professor and to the other students in the class as well. The use of electronic devices are distracting and most importantly you will vital information.  

Step 5 is WRITE ACCURATE, DETAILED, & GRAMMATICALLY CORRECT ESSAYS!  When you think you wrote enough keep writing make sure you can prove that you know what you’re talking about. Make sure you proofread the essay before turning in the assignment.  

Most importantly try to be an overachiever vs. just meeting goal expectations.  

Make sure you always study and don’t do anything crazy or you will be on her post of funnies. This is the silver lining and tips to succeed in AMH2020.