Thursday, January 8, 2015

5 Steps to an A in Dr. Soldani’s AMH 2020 class are fairly simple.

1From a Fall 2014 Student
  5 Steps to an A in Dr. Soldani’s AMH 2020 class are fairly simple.
S    Step 1, Never miss class. If you miss class, you are going to miss half of the events that happened in America. You will be so lost and when the time for tests comes around, you will be wishing you got out of bed that morning, or afternoon, I promise. Besides, she’s funny and makes history interesting, why wouldn’t you attend class everyday? 

The Second Step is Don’t ever come late. If you come late, you will fail because you will be giving her all your hard earned money just because you’re lazy. You’ll also learn why you wont ever want to come late by reading her book, it’s touching and why would you ever want to scare her.

Third, Do everything you can to earn money. Money, money, money! Not real money, but you will eventually learn that money is the key to success in this class. Also studying and attending class but it does help a tremendous amount. She gives you plenty of opportunities to earn money and if you take every opportunity, not only are you helping others half of the time but you will also be helping yourself.

Step four, Study for all your tests and quizzes. She gives you study guides with the exact information that is going to be on them, study it will help you. She gives a quiz almost every week and if you study you will quickly learn that they will help you instead of hurt you, especially when she brings up the material in lecture. If you don’t study for tests, you are going to get anxiety on test day and be the last one in the room with a blank paper because she posts a timer as big as the whiteboard up so that you can see how much time you have left.

Step 5, Write down everything that comes out of her mouth. Not everything but just about everything. You really have no time to look up except for when she is changing slides, which takes a whole 2 seconds. If you have time to look up and day dream you are not going to get the information she is saying and you are going to be so lost when she gives you a test and a study guide and you have no idea what any of the things on it are. The more information the better. AMH 2020 with Dr. Soldani is not a hard class if you are hard working, attends class, and care about passing the course. It is very interesting and by far, the most entertaining class I have ever taken.