Thursday, December 4, 2014

Last Minute Karma $20 Secret Elves Project

The universe has sent us the opportunity to help a few families who are facing hard times.

Four students may sign up to bring a gift/giftcard for each of the names listed below.  I will pass around a signup sheet in class today and both classes Friday. The prize for this act of good citizenship and generosity is $20.  Please make the presentation nice and include some sort of card or note*

I'd like to request that students who are earning $100 for publishing a book please step back and allow other students this opportunity.

Of course, if you'd like to give a gift and NOT earn $20, I'm fine with that, and so is the universe (I asked). Anyone in the community who feels moved to join us is welcome to add to the pile of gifts.

DEADLINE: Varies by class. This project is due at your Exam #3/ Final Exam.
You do know when your exam is, right? And you know it's in our normal classroom, right?

AMH 2020 11:15 class -> Exam is 10am on MONDAY
AMH 2020 1:25 class -> Exam is 12:30 on WEDNESDAY
AMH 1041 1:05 class -> Exam is 12:30 on THURSDAY

1 Q Boy 18
2 A  Girl 17
3 T Boy 17
4 K  Girl 16
5 T.J. Boy 15
6 J  Boy 14
7 T Girl 14
8 K Girl 13
9 C  Girl 12
10 J  Boy 11
11 M Girl 11
12 S  Boy 8
13 S  Girl 8
14 M  Boy 3