Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Grades Are Due Monday.

Before we even start, please keep in mind that final semester grades are due Monday, six days from now.

That's my deadline for getting everything graded, entered, weighted and dropped.

 I have plenty of time.  PLENTY of time.

 I also have students that check their grades compulsively, waiting for some jackpot of a lemon-cherry-dollar sign or I don't know.

I just know they worry so much about their grades they might forget to study, so I lean back out of the grade book and hope they will channel that energy into making notecards or gathering into study groups or all of the above.

 I thought I would spend today studying but the universe had other ideas.

Today I  learned about tires separating (like how is that even OK?) and broken tire rods.

Or tie rods. The man had an accent  and I had a credit card and needed it fixed quickly. It was.

 Also, there was free diet coke and they had my car fixed before I could finish a single can of my elixir.

Triple awesome, it wasn't nearly as traumatic as it could've been.

After that I took my son for a scan at the hospital for a quick test.  Not. The test was scheduled for 2pm and he couldn't have anything to eat or drink before that. I fasted along with him (except the above mentioned diet coke and also a bagel but in my defense, Zack doesn't read my blog) showing him it was possible.  We packed a lunchbox of water and Cuban crackers to eat when after it was all over.

Fast forward to being there, in the procedure room, the one with the big circle camera etc.

The nurse explains there will be an IV and other things then says "I will step out and let you..." and I said "What? is there a choice?  We are here because the doctor sent us.  Let's go."

A look of relief flooded her face.

Together we got it done, but I don't ever (ever) (EVERRR) want to do that again.

An hour later a nurse hands me a phone and my son's doctor asks for an appointment, first thing in the morning.

Awesomeness. I say yes and keep going.

After that I had my happy red cast (the one with the subtle escape hatch on the heel that reminded me vaguely of  a teeny Ho Chi Mihn Trail) sawed off, and was sent home in two shoes. Two matching shoes.  I was in heaven.

And after all that I needed to sit on the sofa and hug my knees for a little while and not grade, which is OK, because grades aren't due until Monday.