Thursday, December 18, 2014

Finally, we can hope for a bright new Cuba.

Ask me how I feel about the sudden change in US-Cuban relations.  I feel like my education and travel and research and writing qualify me to be near-ish the top of the list of people you’d ask. Thanks.

My mind is blown.

 I’ve never really considered a future (present?) where I might could possibly send Amazon boxes to my cousins in Trinidad. I never thought it would soon be easier to visit  relatives in Havana than to hang out with tourists in EPCOT

I need a few days to adjust to this.

On top of that, I never really thought I would have the choice of bringing my Abuela to rest with her mother in a colonial graveyard in Cienfuegos.

Cuban-American families (like mine) can now imagine our relatives can support themselves in a prosperous post-embargo Cuba.  

Maybe one day my Cuban cousins will know they joy of giddily sending off checks along with pictures of their quinceaƱera and cool new sports cars. 

Maybe.  Finally, we can hope for a bright new Cuba.