Monday, December 1, 2014

FAQ: 100 Point Project - Fall 2014

This is so much faster than answering each question by email. Here we go.

Q) When is the project due?
A) Midnight on Friday, online through Blackboard link UNLESS you are publishing a book and writing a take-home exam, in which case I need to see you completed published book in class on Friday before I give you the take home.

Q) How long should the project be?
A) This is 10% of your grade and should show independent thought and the ability to explain US history and tie it to smaller stories. The best stories will probably be in the 2000 word range, but I am looking for QUALITY not just wordcount.

Q) Do we need sources?
A) Yes, at least 4 primary sources

Q) Can I write about my childhood?
A) Your story has to fit into a course on American History, it isn't just an essay. If you write about yourself or recent history you might present the same quality of research as other students and this would impact your grade.