Monday, December 1, 2014

AMH2020 - Study Guide for Cumulative Exam

This Exam may be taken by any student who has missed or failed an Exam.

Your score will be doubled to replace Exams #1 and #2.
10 @ 10 points each ->  12 of these questions will be on the exam – you can pick which 2 you will skip.

These questions come from lecture and the textbook.

·      How was the election of 1876 decided? Describe the political, racial and sectional effects of the decision.

What problem did blacks face after emancipation? What attempts did the government make to solve these problems?

·      What are the major technological accomplishments of the post-Civil War era? How did those advancements contribute to the expansion of America’s industrial revolution?

·      Describe the special problems and conditions that settlers – especially women– faced on the frontier.

·      Discuss the role of public education in 19thcentury America.  What was the motivation for this expansion?

·      Compare and contrast the philosophies of Booker T. Washington and WEB DuBois. What were the similarities and differences of their approaches to the conditions of blacks?

·      Describe the steps leading to war with Spain in 1898. Was the war justified?

·      List and describe the 5 major themes of progressive reform.

·      Who were the muckrakers and what impact did they have on US society?

·      Write a 5-sentence summary of the Treaty of Versailles.

·      Describe America’s turn towards Prohibition in the 1920s. What were the results of the 18th Amendment?

·      What were the political and cultural manifestations of a new sense of identity among blacks in the 1920s?

·      Describe the major artists and works of the Lost Generation.

·      How did the scientific work of Albert Einstein, Max Planck and Werner Heisenberg influence American thought?

·      Describe the specific measures President FDR undertook in his first term to help relieve human misery in America.

·      Describe the role the New Deal had on popular culture in America.

·      What was the Good Neighbor policy? How did it reflect the general foreign-policy mood of the nation?

·      Describe the Atlantic Charter and explain its significance.

·      What were the effects of WW2 on women and minority groups in the US? Support your answer with specifics!

·      Detail the Yalta Conference and show its importance to the postwar world.