Friday, December 5, 2014

AMH 2020 Take Home Exam

Take-home Final Exam AMH 2020 -- Available only with my approval to students who publish a book before 1 pm today and who have a C or higher in the class before this Exam.

Your answers should come primarily from lecture, no further research is required and the inclusion of material not covered in lecture will be frowned upon.

Essay 1: 100 points: Explain the Cold War. How did it start? What conflicts did it bring about? How did it end? Make this one good, this is the most important essay of your exam and should be substantial and detailed because it covers 1945-1989

Essay 2: 50 PointsExplain the Cuban Revolution,  the Cuban Missile Crisis and connect them to Operation Pedro Pan.  Discuss how Americans viewed Cuban children coming here, all alone.

Essay 3: 25 Points: How did the US respond to the attacks on 9/11? How did that response contribute to the current issues with ISIS?

Essay 4: 25 Points: Write an essay to next semester’s students on the topic: “5 Steps to an A in this Class” OR a sarcastic-ish one on something like “How to Flunk with Funk”

Put all your essays into ONE document and submit through the link on  Blackboard before Wednesday December 10, 2014 by 11:59pm If you have any issues submitting it on Blackboard, then email it to me before 12:30am December 11.  

Make sure your submission is 100% in your own words.  2 points will be deducted for every “similarity” point on Safeassign.
Example: 15 point similarity score is a 30 point deduction (15% of 200 points)

Go write!!