Friday, December 5, 2014

AMH 2020 Exam #3 Study Guide

Exam #3: 200 Points Total
  • 150 from Lecture 
  • 50 points from Videos posted on Blackboard

PART 1: 15 of these will be on Exam #3 @ 10 Points Each*

Creation of Israel
Star Wars/SDI
Tet Offensive
Kinsey Report
Bay of Pigs
Korean War
Baby Boom
Iran Hostage Crisis
Iron Curtain Telegram
Operation Crossroads / Bikini
Operation Pedro Pan
Operation Mongoose
Operation Ajax
Operation Desert Storm
Operation Enduring Freedom
Operation Eagle Claw
Operation Rolling Thunder
The Problem that Has No Name
Hanoi Jane
Gulf of Tonkin Resolution
Nixon Doctrine
Reagan Doctrine
Powell Doctrine
Bush Doctrine
Cheney Doctrine
“We Need 4 or 5 Hitlers in Vietnam….”
“Making America Great Again”
“Coalition of the Willing”
“History will absolve me”
“We all know why she swallowed that lie……”
“The USS Were”

PART 2: 
And then there will be 5 questions @ 10 points each from Videos posted on Blackboard.....