Sunday, December 7, 2014

AMH 1041 Exam #3 Study Guide

AMH 1041 T/Th 1:05 class ~ Exam #3 is the "Final" -- 12:30 on Thursday in our usual classroom*

There will be 20 of these on your exam @ 10 points each.

These come from Lecture, Videos and the Text*
      Horatio Alger Stories
      Gospel of Wealth
      Freedom Rides
      Stonewall Riot
      Reagan Challenger Speech
      18th Amendment
      Volstead Act
      Plessy v Ferguson
      Buck v Bell
      Brown v Board of Education
      Triangle Shirtwaist Fire
   New Deal
   Cold War
      Bonus March
      Emmitt Till
      Election 2000
      Bush 9/11 Speech
      1967 Loving Decision
      Baby Boom
      Operation Pedro Pan
      GI Bill of Rights
      Bay of Pigs
      Window Stars
      “The only thing we have to fear…..”
      “How the Other Half Lives”
       “Your horse has diabetes”
       “Capitalism was saved in 8 days….”
      “The Problem that Has No Name”
      “Are they white?”
      “A Young Woman who Swallowed a Lie”

Note: students who missed an exam earlier in the semester or who has a low grade may also take the cumulative makeup exam -- I will post a study guide separately*