Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Student Research Ideas with Brief Feedback

Assignment: Tell a historically accurate story that has never been told before*
Parameters: Must be set before 10/2001
Due Date: 12/3 online through Blackboard
Required Resources: 4  Primary Resources
Paper Length: 1250-2000 words

Why my family came from Ireland to the US – make sure to focus on after 1860; most Irish came in 1840s

Why my family came from Cuba to the US – make it specific and place it in context of US/Cuba relations

There’s a town named after my family – get researching!

Dad and family traveling to Canada for a relative’s surgery – sounds very recent, make sure to connect this to bigger themes in history

Grandma’s irish recipe – where does it come from? – good luck, get researching!

What wars did my grandfathers fight in? Or did they not fight? And why?-  go find out!!

I want to write about the crash of the stockmarket. My grandmother worked there. – Good if you have primary resources/

My family’s educational history – go find out!

My family’s religious history -  oooh! Good one!

I will write upon a family legend. - (upon?) – make sure it’s historically relevant and not in the past 20 years.

I want to figure out where my great-grandparents are from. OK!!

A history of an NBA player – do you have primary sources and can you write things that haven’t been written yet?

A history of video game console wars – only if you have primary sources, or this would be a “report”

How the Korean war affected my family  - can’t wait to read it!

History of our family home – OK!

How my family got rich – sounds good!

Why my family came on Mayflower – this class starts with the Civil War so this would be a little out of the scope of the class. By like 200+ years.

An ancestor who worked for Lincoln and then Custer  YES

How the Great Depression affected my family YES

How and why family moved from Spain to DR, suffered under Trujillo and came to the US  YES

Trace Bobby Bowden’s life  - this might be too recent and too broad, do you have unique primary resources

History of FSU football – this could work but keep it in historical context; how did WW2 affect FSU?)

History of Coco Chanel – problematic because she’s French; can you place in US history and use primary sources

History of Marilyn Monroe – only if you have something new to add, not just secondary sources

Founder of Oreo Cookies – only if you have primary sources. And bring in oreos. That’s always nice.

History of my ncestor’s diary book – cool!

Marriage story from my family – sounds like a great start

Ellis Island story from my family – yes!

The attack on our house in Palestine - definitely

The strange black man wearing the hat in our family pictures   - I already want to read it!

History of my dad’s first car: 69 Mustang – yes, especially if you tell stories about him AND the car

History of Mission San Luis  -it may not be the most relevant for this class; if you do it stick to after 1865….and you need your own primary sources

History of my Great Uncle – OK….

History of my family in Missouri – good start

History of the Alamance County, North Carolina - yes

My family’s Creek roots - yes

My family’s Dutch roots – maybe too far back/before 1865

Military history for my whole family – this could be good; look for patterns!

Growing up in an orphanage in the 1950s – interesting!

I want to find out where my last name comes from – OK!

History of a town in Mississippi – OK, with primary sources

How my boyfriend’s family ended up in New Orleans – YES!

My dad spent 5 days in the jungle – hmm, when? Is it history?

Learn more about grandfather I never met. – OK!

A family event –too broad for me to give feedback

A history of our family’s alcoholism – YES tread carefully

Our role in Venezuela’s revolution - yes

History of our church- yes

The day my family left Costa Rica for America – ooooh!

History of my family’s juke joint – coool!

History of the hospital in Chatahoochie – only if you have new primary sources

Growing up in Franklin county in the 1960s - interesting