Sunday, November 2, 2014

Service Project #1: More info*

Ransoming the Yoga Frog
Cycle 1 DUE Friday 11/7*

I have heard from a very reliable source that the Laughing Yoga Frog requires a very particular type of tribute. The Yoga Frog wants stories.  Alex took this class and enjoyed it and misses being on campus, so feel free to ramble on about our class and your other classes and connect what is in the box to stories and topics we have covered in lecture.

Ideas on things to include -
  • ·        Letter to Alex/Frog introducing yourself and explaining what’s in box and why (MANDATORY!)
  • ·        Fast food and pizza gift cards (McD, BK, Steaknshake, Dominos)
  • ·        Snack food, candy, chips, soda. The Yoga Frog and Alex love to eat.
  • ·        Cool hip winter clothes, hats, slippers etc / Men’s size medium, shoes size 7
  • ·        Toiletries: lip balm, shampoo, any and all men’s grooming supplies
  • ·        DVD’s, CD’s, Books on CD  
  • ·        Room d├ęcor
  • ·        Don’t be limited by my list!

·        Take a few good pictures of your box contents before you seal it up, and either email it to me or tag me in it on Facebook or Twitter @melissalaughing  Bring me the receipt after you mail the box. Make sure your name is on the paperwork*

All students who complete this project will be the jury and will decide which boxes merit $50 and which are worth $20.

His Address:
Alex Lehr
82 Palmwood Drive
Palm Coast, FL 32164

Return Address:
If you don’t want to use your own address, feel free to use mine
Dr Soldani, Dept of History, TCC
444 Appleyard Drive Tallahassee 32312