Friday, November 14, 2014

100 Point Project: More Info

To my students of AMH 2020 and 1041, this is the post I've been promising you, the one with more details.

The 100 point project which involves writing history is a graded part of the class.
The service project (sending boxes) is not graded, it is optional.

Assignment: Write a piece of history that has not yet been told, supporting your story with at least 4 primary resources. This story should be set before October 2001 unless you are telling the story of a veteran from the  post 9/11 conflicts.   

Wordcount: 1500-2000 words.

Citing sources: Please include an annotated bibliography that lists the sources you used and briefly describes them.

QUESTION #1: Can students buy out of this assignment?
Answer: YES. $100.

QUESTION #2: What was that thing you said about publishing stories on Amazon?
Answer: If you publish your story as a book I will pay you $100 and if you have a C or higher in the class and have no makeup exams you need to take, you will get a take-home final exam.

QUESTION #3: How....?
Answer: If you want to publish by the deadline, please have your story ready for my review before Thanksgiving*