Thursday, October 30, 2014

The Dog Ate My Umbrella

I have no umbrella in my car (the dog ate my umbrella, I can't make that up), and even if I did have an umbrella I wouldn't be able to use it because both of my hands are occupied holding myself up on this scooter. I'm thankful for the scooter - it is SO much safer and better than crutches -- but I'd rather just be regular me again, walking.

Normal is not an option and  this is a sad thing because it is RAINING in Tallahassee today and I absolutely must get from my car across traffic down a sidewalk and into my building without falling off the scooter and/or  getting drenched.

The only way to do it is to do it.

Other people have it worse, right?

I get out of my car, limp to the trunk, pull my scooter out, get on it and cross from the parking lot to the sidewalk and head towards my building.

A young short brunette wearing rain boots, a rain jacket and carrying a matching Tiffany blue umbrella crosses my path and she thinks (I imagine she thinks) as she passes me, "thank goodness I'm not HER!"

 I keep going as fast as I can, moving through the raindrops while dark spots mark my red shirt and smack my forehead.