Monday, October 6, 2014

Steamy Hot Monday

For the second night I sleep with a window open, breathing this crazy fresh cool air that hides from Florida most of the time.

My alarm goes off but I buy myself ten more minutes, then fifteen, then finally hit the shower and shiver my way through that ordeal. 

I wake Zack up for the first time (there will be ten more times, he will ask me WHY he has to go to school and I will fumble for answers, this is predictable), take the dog out then turn on my computer. I go back to wake up Zack again (he howls at me. Howls. I can't make this up) then go off to make a cup of coffee.

 While making coffee I stepped on something that crunched and MOVED. Ewwwwww.

I don't have eyes on my feet but I just KNOW it was a huge crunchy scampering dinosaur sized roach that must have come in from the 60 degree freeze in Florida. 

I'm not afraid of roaches but I can't help myself and I SCREAM and toss my coffee into the air.

Not the coffee cup. Just the coffee.  

A burning sensation covers my wrist and hand and just as I look down I see the horrible horrible culprit lying on the ground, taunting me. A straw. Awesome. 

Happy Monday.