Friday, October 31, 2014

Mission Frog

Once upon a time I bought a Yoga Frog statue at Cracker Barrel, and that frog solved a crime.

 I wrote a book about the story called "Prayer of the Laughing Yoga Frog" and then Yoga Frog went to live with his new friend Alex Lehr and watch over him.

I think it's time to ransom the frog back, at least for a visit. Maybe the frog will bring Alex with him?

 Anything is possible, right?

Our mission is to send boxes to Alex full of stories and entertainment (details below) and so much happiness that he wouldn't mind sharing the laughing praying yoga frog for awhile.

 I know I could definitely use a frog hug and some magic these day. Couldn't you?

 Students must email me  to discuss their qualifications  and request Alex's address etc. * I will have this ready November 1st.