Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Marvin Sent Him..... (to be continued)

If there is any regular normal day, I would think today would qualify. Car drop off. Office hours. Students. Exams.

But in the middle of it a conversation with a student turned to where are you from and this and that and then he said it.

He didn't know but then he said it.

He said he was here on a scholarship from Marvin Scott.

Marvin Scott? That's MY Marvin, I told him almost angry I didn't know this before, like it would have changed something, like knowing MARVIN sent him would have meant red carpet treatment (it would have, for the record).

Then the beauty of it all hit.

No, he didn't know that Marvin Scott was the Marvin in Marvin's Book, my student from 14 years ago.

Yes, he was from the same highschool as Marvin and, yes,  he knew the family.

Marvin is smiling down on us, I told him, and we cried a little because the universe is so magically devastatingly painfully awesome.