Wednesday, October 22, 2014

"Fidel Costco, coming to power." - Chapter 30 Quiz Bloopers

Chapter 30 Quiz Bloopers

For bonus fun this time, I'll let you guess which answers goes to which image.

  • This is Tupperware, celebrated by some women.
  • Tubbleware party in suburbia.
  • A bald man with glasses singing a pretty song.
  • In the 1920s, women’s ideal role was to be houseware.
  • Soldiers celebrating.
  • A bad guy.
  • William Churchill giving a speech.
  • Truman giving a speech.
  • Women meeting about politics.
  • The German Army celebrating winning WW2.
  • This is from when the US aided Cuba in the Middle East.
  • Jack the Drooper demonstrating famous painting technique.
  • US army celebrating bombing Japan.
  • Crazy dude making off playing.
  • The annual party for all the rich girls in America.
  • An American soldier painting with blood.
  • FDR was one of America’s greatest presidents.
  • Women’s equality meeting.
  • This shows the newer guns. Made war worse.
  • This was the leader of the Soviet Union after Fidel Castro.
  • This is President Hoover giving a speech during the war. He looks serious.
  • This is Fidel Crisco.
  • She is serving food so they came over.
  • President Eisenhower.
  • This is a tubbaware party.
  • Soldiers going to war to fight for their rights.
  • Fidel Costco, coming to power.
  • Gorilla warfare in the regime.
  • Women sold things in their house to raise money for their rights.