Friday, October 31, 2014

AMH2020 Exam 2 Study Guide Part 2

AMH 2020 Exam #2 will be in 2 parts 
1) Free Response @ 150 2) Geography @ 50 = 200 points total

A total of $20 class money can go towards this Exam. 

 Part 1- Monday - 10 x 5 point Questions and 5 x 20 point Questions. All the 20 point questions are posted on Part 1 of this study guide; most of the 5 point terms are posted on Part 1, and the rest of them are posted below.

Part 2: FRIDAY- Geography  25 countries @ 2 points each
Maps and list of countries posted below. 

Additional 5 Point Terms for Part 1 of Exam #2 (Monday) -
Identify/explain/discuss significance for full credit*
  • Executive Order #9066
  • Potsdam Conference
  • Tehran Conference
  • Yalta Conference
  • Victory Mail, Victory Girls
  • Going steady with Hitler?
  • Operation Overlord/D-Day 
  • Potsdam Ultimatum
  • Truman Doctrine
  • Marshall Plan
  • NATO
Study Guide for Part 2: Geography

Below each map you will find a list of countries. On exam day (Wednesday) you will get these same maps with #'s in 25 countries, and you will correctly identify those 25 countries @ 2 points each.

 Spain, Portugal, France
 United Kingdom, Ireland, Belgium, Netherlands
 Germany, Switzerland, Poland, Russia
 Turkey, Greece, Italy
Genovia (Genovia?! skip Genovia) 
Denmark, Sweden, Finland 

Middle East
 Lebanon, Jordan, Israel, Saudi Arabia
 Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan

 South America
 Brazil, Argentina, Chile
 Peru,  Cuba (just kidding)
Bolivia, Columbia, Venezuela
 Paraguay, Uruguay

Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India
 Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam
 Indonesia, Malaysia
Philippines, Cuba (nope, no Cuba here. Sad face.)
 China, Japan, North Korea, South Korea, Russia