Monday, September 15, 2014

What is ISIS / ISIL? "I don't know what that is but they have a cute name"

 One way to take attendance without calling names (Bueller? Bueller?) is asking a few quick questions before starting lecture.

Today I asked my class "What is ISIS? or ISIL?"

I didn't spell it for them (tricky, hmm?).

I didn't show them any map or visual aids.

I gave my students  only 3 minutes to write one or two sentences.

 A few of them started writing immediately.

 A bunch of them looked confused.

 43 solidly and correctly described the group -- the rest ranged from vague to ... well, here you go:

  • I don't know what that is but they have a cute name. 
  • Isis was the Queen of Iceland in 1802,  known for freezing citizens when they break the law.
  • Isis is something that is war related. They have a specific job.
  • I think they are in the mountains.
  • I don't know about Ices. Sorry.
  • Aisle was a ruler. I really don't know who Aisle was.
  • Isis is a lady who travelled the world and taught her religion.
  • Isis is a famous person who had a big impact on America.
  • My roommates were just talking about this, and I have no idea what it is.
  • It sounds like a foreign land.
  • My guess is that is has something to do with American History.
  • I have seen this word everywhere but NO idea what it means.
  • Isis is some sort of god that people believe in. I haven't heard much about her.
  • I don't know. Sounds like isolation from something.
  • I have no idea of what Isis is, nor have I ever heard of it.
  • They are a terrorist group invading Israel.
  • Something to do with separating or spreading.
  • I don't know anything about them, I can't even spell their name.
  • Isis is probably a war hero.
  • Nothing.
  • I do not know a thing about said Isis. Seriously. Nothing.
  • I don't know. I don't pay attention to the news or politics. Too much of a touchy subject at home and with families.