Thursday, September 25, 2014

The Puppy Whisperer

I step outside into the predawn Fall coolness on my first morning out of a cast.

 I have a lot of big and small things on my mind but this morning is so delightful that all my cares fly away into this perfect precious non-Florida-ish weather.

Which is why I forgot to put the leash on my dog.

Mia took one step out out the door, realized she was unleashed  then looked at me over her shoulder as she ran away  screaming FREEEEEEDOM (silently).

Great. I can't run after her.  I'm half tempted to go home, close the door, go back to bed and deny deny deny but I don't.

Mia stands on the street just on the other side of the mailbox, maybe hoping I will chase her.

 Its a beautiful morning to run, and I'd run to her and with her if I could, but no, the doctor said no jumping twisting or running yet. I'm 1/3 healed and on probation.

I need to stand still and bring the puppy back.

She takes three more steps towards freedom and turns to look at me again.

I sit down on the porch and call out quietly (in case my neighbors are regarding the show) "Help me Mia! Mommy has no puppy on her leash! Helppppppp"

She stands frozen in the street, takes another sniff of freedom and picks me instead, galloping towards me and knocking me backwards while I attach her leash and start the morning again.