Sunday, September 28, 2014

100 Book Project: Book #81 - So Squeaky Clean that Bubbles Float Out of the Book When You Turn the Pages

The Life You Imagine: Life Lessons for Achieving Your Dreams 
by Derek Jeter with Jack Curry.

I didn't mean to read this book JUST as Derek Jeter was playing his last series, it just worked out this way, and I'm so thankful that it did!

Derek Jeter didn't actually write this book, Jack Curry wrote it with him, and together they did a great job using talents to write a book that lays out a plan for success.

Thankfully, my son has the natural wisdom to be a "born" Yankees fan (growing up Cuban in South Florida, I knew there was Spring training, but I also knew only the what the YANKEES did actually mattered) and I will definitely pass this book on to him.

What's great about this book? Well, first, it isn't the BEST book for a 40something tenured author who is living the life she imagined(ish) (#no-one-has-it-ALL) but it was good enough that even though I've read stacks of leadership, inspiration and self help books (PLEASE READ HECTOR"S SEARCH FOR HAPPINESS, you're welcome), this book stands out for it's clarity and character.

Character, because that's what Derek Jeter has. He was raised by two mature, intentional and supportive parents who kept themselves very present and engaged and their work and love show through in Derek's life and career.

Clarity. This book talks about a lot and could have lost me in a blur of skimming but it didn't because it was well written and  tightly edited/ Despite being a mini-biography, this book stuck to a tight outline.

 Here are his 10 "Life Lessons" in case you don't read this book --

  1. Set your goals high. Let yourself imagine what you REALLY want, not what people tell you that you should have. Low goals lead to nowhere.
  2. Deal with growing pains. The world is changing, you are changing, let things change and keep growing every change you have. Don't give up/
  3. Find role models. Find ones that inspire and encourage you. Expect them to demand a lot from you so that you can learn to demand a lot from yourself.
  4. The world is not always fair. Deal with it.
  5. Don't be afraid to fail. I loved this chapter.
  6. Have a strong supporting cast. Surround yourself with people who also hold themselves to high standards. Challenge each other.
  7. Be serious, but have fun. People see your smile, they feel your frown. Do your job with all your heart and focus, but don't forget to love it.
  8. Be a leader, follow the leader. Learn from others, then take your chances.  
  9. Think before you act. Some things can't be taken back.
  10. Life is a daily challenge. Don't expect rainbows and sunshine everyday just because you met your "goal." 
I was genuinely surprised a student would give me a book by a baseball player, and now I'm more surprised how much I liked this book. I would definitely give it to you or your kid for graduation or a birthday, and I bet they'd read every word and treasure it.