Tuesday, September 16, 2014

100 Book Project: Book #76 - The Tree, the Boy, The Missing Piece and the Big O

The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein

Once upon a time, a tree loved a boy, and the boy loved the tree. They found delight in each other, with the tree giving the boy shade, play, a house and a boat. (I. Can't. Make. That. Up.)

Despite getting EVERYTHING the tree had to give, the boy returned a man, sad and lonely and the tree STILL wanted to love the boy-man so she told him to sit on her stump and he did and they were happy.

The reader can  decide that the tree is either pathetically co-dependent crazy or goddess-love beautiful.

 I don't know. Maybe both. 

The boy is either selfish or blessed.

 I don't know. Maybe both. 

I'll let you decide.

In case you've never heard of this author, definitely check him out. His simple stories are meditations on philosophy and love and growth.

My favorite book by this author is The Missing Piece Meets the Big O. and you can read it at this site. Enjoy!  http://www.ktor.me/bigo/index.php