Sunday, August 17, 2014

Grown Up

Last week Zoe made me sit in the car while she went into Publix on a very very important, private and personal mission.

Find something, anything, to make a friend feel a little bit better.

Twenty minutes later she emerged with carefully selected treasures -- tiny cans of sunkist, a box of goldfish,  rice krispy treats, and a bunch of purple flowers.  

 With no help from me (none required, none appreciated, none allowed) she arranged the gifts in a basket and hugged the basket to her chest for the rest of the drive. 

As we turned onto her friend's block, Zoe turned to me and said "I thought only grownups did this...."

I agreed. You are officially a grown up now.  

She exhaled loudly in protestful agreement, then banished me to the car (again) while she went to cry with her  friend.