Saturday, June 7, 2014

Puppy vs World Part 2: Get Out The Duct Tape

Round 1: Puppy vs Car.
Winner: Puppy, who tosses Zack's toy cars around like she's Godzilla

Round 2: Car vs Melissa
Winner: car and everyone who saw me trip over the car (no one)

Round 3: Puppy vs Balls (all)
Winner: Puppy (no further explanation needed)

Round 4: Puppy vs Sofa
Winner: tie. Apparently they are in playful collusion with the sofa hiding things from the puppy, causing the puppy to episodically lose her freaking mind

FINAL ROUND 5: Puppy vs my Favorite most Treasured Yoga pants
Winner: Puppy.

Consolation: Zack said I could tape the crotch up with duct tape and when I cringed he shrugged and said "well, you raised me"