Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Iron Curtain Mission - 9

I have asked five individuals to give me an explanation of what the Iron Curtain is and to list some Iron Curtain countries. My experience with asking these people to give me a list of Iron curtain countries and explanation of it was very interesting and very humorous. The first person I asked was a student who recently graduated high school. Her response to what an Iron Curtain is is something that the government has hidden from us because the government does not tell us about the truth about events that has happened and that is going on today. She also said that the government tells us what we want to hear to get us off of their backs instead of being honest. She also believed that America is the only country that is an Iron Curtain country.
The second person I asked was my older sister. When I asked her to explain what an Iron Curtain is she gave me a look as if I was not sure if I knew what I was asking her. But eventually she answered and said she was not sure. But she gave it a try and said that she thinks it is something that people back in the slave days used to escape from plantations. She also said she believes it is something similar to the Underground Railroad. The country that she thought was Iron Curtain was southern states in America.
The third person I asked was my boyfriend. When asked he quickly responded saying how easy that was and started explaining that Iron Curtain countries were in western and Eastern Europe. And he explained that the Iron Curtain was a boundary that divided Europe into two because of some type of laws that were created or a leader who had power and chose to divide Europe into half’s.
Forth person I asked was a coworker and she went in a complete different direction that I was not expecting. When asked what an Iron Curtain is, she responded saying that she knows what an iron is but does not understand why someone would want to iron a curtain. She continued and said that curtains usually come perfectly without any wrinkles and proceeded to explain how many people do not iron their clothes anymore so why iron a curtain. Her response to listing some Iron Curtain countries she said that every country that has access to an iron or curtain.
The last person I asked was my roommate. Her explanation was how she knows it has something to do with history or during one of the world wars. She explained how it was something that France kept from Europe and how they could not invade their territory. Her list of Iron Curtain countries were France, Europe and England.